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Energy Conservation Award

The Ministry of Power launched the National Energy Conservation Awards in 1991 to accord national recognition to industrial units for their efforts in decreasing energy consumption.  For instance, in 2002, a total of 174 industrial units belonging to several industries such as automobile, aluminium, cement, chemicals, chlor-alkali, glass, integrated steel, edible oil/vanaspati, ceramics,  fertilizers,  mini-steel, paper and pulp, petrochemicals, refractory, refineries, sugar and textile plants, etc. responded to the Awards scheme.

These units have been able to collectively save 641million kWh of electrical energy, that is equivalent to the energy produced from a 122 MW thermal power station at a Plant Load Factor of 60%. The participating units have also saved the 1.7 lakh kilolitres of furnace oil and 7.4 lakh metric tonnes of coal and 3588 lakh cubic meters of gas per year. In monetary terms these units have been able to save Rupees 594 crores per year and the investment of Rupees 691 crores was recovered in 14 months time period.

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