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The Drama Decision Process Model

This decision process model utilized by the design routine for adopting modular assembly as by Bennett et al., in 1919 makes employ of a number of tools , comprise "flowcharts, checklists and decision trees", to lead a implemented and development process via the stages of decision-making in a comprehensive and concise fashion. This is based on the view which is in the modern manufacturing situations and there is currently a greater tendency for operational procedures to be dictated via factors in the organizational and strategic domains. DRAMA acknowledges decisions that taken at any type of stage in the design procedure will affect the appropriateness and implication of decisions taken at another stages in the implemented process.

There are various other methodologies like AMS intend methodology developed via the GRAI institute, Petri nets, the IDEF methodology such are frequently employed as structured approaches towards the evaluation and design of the manufacturing system. Such methodologies all follow a comparable pattern of problem-solving and they offer a range of specific tools for carrying out the essential design tasks of a system.

However, there does not appear to be an individual approach that offers the designer a complete framework for the enhancement of a modern manufacturing system. There appears to be something lacking in all the approaches. Thus, there is all times requiring working for improvement of certain enhanced methodologies that will draw with more of the considerations significant to designer.


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