Ideal Diode Assignment Help

Introduction to pn Junction Diode - Ideal Diode

The Ideal Diode

The diode might be considered to be a one Way Street which is it conducts electricity well in one direction but barely any in the opposite direction. An ideal diode contains no resistance in the forward direction & infinite resistance in the reverse direction.

An ideal diode is as a light switch in your home. While the switch is closed, the circuit is complete; and the light will turns on. While the switch is open, there is no current & the light will turn off.

Though, the diode has an added property; this is unidirectional, that is current pass in only one direction (anode to cathode internally).While a forward voltage is applied, the diode conducts; and while a reverse voltage is applied, there is no any conduction. A mechanical analogy is rat chat, which permit motion in one direction merely.

  1.   The ideal diode might be considered the most basic non linear circuit element.
  2.   this is a two terminal device and the i-v characteristic is indicated

865_ideal diode.png

Diagram (a) is diode circuit symbol, diagram (b) is i-v characteristic diagram(c) is correspondent circuit in the reverse direction and diagram (d) is the correspondent circuit in the forward direction .

In diagram (b) the terminal characteristic of the ideal diode may be interpreted as. If a negative voltage has been applied to the diode, no current pass and the diode acts as an open circuit as indicated in the diagram(c).

In this mode Diodes operated are called to be reverse -biased. An ideal diode contains zero current while operated in the reverse direction & is called to be cut off.

Otherwise, if a positive current is applied to the ideal diode, zero voltage drops appears across the diode .In other terms ideal diode acts like a short circuit in the forward direction as indicate in the diagram (d), it flows any current having zero voltage drop. A forward -conducting diode is called to be turned on.

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