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Phases of stages of the Model:

The various phases of stages of the Model as given in Figure are described below:

Problem Initialisation

The change condition is identified & accordingly the procedure of managing the change is commenced. It is completed in three phases and every phase has various stages.

Phase 1: Definition Phase

An in-depth specification & study of the change condition from both historical and futuristic viewpoints is made in the subsequent sequence.

A.    Stage-1: Problem / Systems Specification

Management conducts meetings & interviews to gather accurate picture of the present system and the likely impact of the changes. Because it is the first formal notification of the change, efforts should be created to minimize resistance or non-cooperation.

B.     Stage-2: Formulation of Success Criteria

The success criteria related along with a particular change situation might be described in two ways: The first and most general criterion includes the setting of goals and constraints. Other one is merely a continuation of the first in which it generates options or paths, that are tagged on to the original goal.

C.    Stage-3: Identification of Performance Measures

Having decided the goals, appropriate measures are formulated.

Evaluation Phase Implementation Phase
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