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Energy Distribution between Developed and Developing Countries

Although 80% of the world's population lives within the developing countries (a four-fold population increase in the past 25 years), their energy consumption amounts to only 40% of the world total energy consumption in the below figure.

                               1155_Energy Distribution between Developed and Developing Countries.png

Figure: A Comparison of Populations and Energy Consumption of Developing and Developed Nations (2000 A. D.): World Population > 6 billion; World Energy Consumption - 14 Billion Tonnes of Oil Equivalent

The world average energy consumption per person is equivalent to 2.2 tonnes of coal. In organized countries and people use four to five times more than the world average and nine times more than the average for the developing countries. An American citizen uses 32 times more commercial energy.

Energy consumption is integrally connected along with the quality of life and per capita energy consumption is regarded as an indicator for human development today. The high standards of living within the developed countries could be attributed to their high-energy consumption levels. The rapid population growth in the developing countries might be regarded as one purpose for low per capita energy consumption. Therefore, we must ensure good quality energy supply to all our citizens, at affordable costs at all times. Ensuring energy security for all is an extremely important goal for our country and the power sector has tremendous responsibility on its shoulders in attaining it. Let us try to understand its implications and the options before our country.

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