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Natural Immune Systems

Human Immune System or IS an autonomous, naturally robust and really effective however difficult system such possesses identification ability for abnormal activities along with a ability to resolve the problem utilizing existing knowledge and produce new solutions for not seen events. For review working of immune systems, given definitions and discussions can be extremely useful.

Some significant definitions in immune system are shown in Table no.1.

Table no.1: Important Definitions in Immune System


Any element whether belonging to body or foreign that can

be recognized by immune system is called antigen.




The fundamental elements of immune system responsible for the self/non-self discrimination are the receptor molecules present on the surface of immune cells and secreted by them as antibodies.


Immune cells

B-cells and T-cells are two major groups of immune cells. These cells help in recognizing an almost limitless range of antigenic patterns.



Each receptor and hence every antibody has a particular affinity for an antigen that decides the extent of antibody antigen interaction.

Antibody-Antigen Interaction
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