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Control at Operative Level or Plant Control

The most significant task of this control level is the execution of real production schedules for the manufacturing operation entity. This has to interact along with all manufacturing cells and along with material flow control. The control task is of that magnitude such individual manufacturing cells along with various machine tools, robots, conveyors, and other material handling equipment such have their own operative computer.

The host computers present supervisory functions as like: scheduling the orders, following the orders via the manufacturing facility, and reporting upon manufacture status and production problems, on the everyday basis. The information flow from material handling equipment, the machining centers, and inspection stations are tied along at this level. In addition, significant information is fed back to the several plant sections. Conversely we can say that such level assists the plant to function like an entity.

Such unit also communicates along with the corporate computer system and at the lower level, along with one or several micro - and mini -computers, and coordinates their activities.


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