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Disconnection of Supply:

Under the Act, if any person neglects/fails to pay electricity dues, the Power Company after giving notice for not less than 15 days might cut off the supply of electricity besides filing a civil suit.  The supply of electricity shall not be cut off if such person deposits under protest an amount equivalent to the sum claimed from her/him or the electricity charges due from her/him for every month calculated on the basis of average charge of electricity paid through her/him during the preceding six months, whichever is less. That will be applicable till such time as the dispute among her/him and the Power Company is disposed of.  It has been laid down in which no amount shall be recoverable from a consumer after a period of two years from the date while the amount became first due unless such amount has been display continuously to be recoverable as arrears.

The Act also gives speedy trial of offences under theft of electricity by constitution of Special Courts by the State Governments. The single judge of such special courts will be appointed along with the concurrence of the High Courts. These courts have the powers of Court of Session.

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