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Method of Drawing a Regular Pentagon

Method I

By using a protractor and a compass, sketch AB equivalent to the specified length of a side. At B, along with the protractor, create an external angle of 360/5 = 72o, as displayed in diagram 2.10. Cut BC = BA along with the compass. Sketch the right bisects of AB. through C like the center and a radius equivalent to AB, draw an arc to cut the right bisector at D. Then along with A and D as the centers and a radius equivalent to the given side AB, sketch an arc to intersect at E. Join BC, CD, DE, and EA. ABCDE is the desirable pentagon.


Method II

By using a compass only in diagram, sketch a line AB equal to the given length of a side. Bisect AB at O, and OP = AB on the bisector. Join A to P and produce it to Q that like PQ = AO. Taking A as the center and a radius equivalent to AQ, sketch an arc cutting the right bisector at point D.

After that D is the vertex of the pentagon. Taking D like the center and radius AB, sketch an arc. Again along with the centers A and B, and the same radius, draw arcs to cut the previous arcs at points E and C. Join BC, CD, DE and EA. ABCDE is the desirable pentagon.

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