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 Cycloids form a group of curve generated via the path of a fixed point on the circumference of a rolling circle. When the circle rolls on the straight line, the path is identified as a cycloid as display in diagram.


To sketch cycloid curve, sketch a horizontal line AA12 and mark off the length of the rolling circle of diameter D. This length AA12 is as same to πD. After that divide the rolling circle and its length, marked off on AA12 into say 12 equal parts. Erect perpendiculars at point 1′ via 12′ to intersect the extended horizontal axis of the rolling circle at point O1 via O12. Now sketch horizontal lines passing via the points of division of the rolling circle. From O1 via O12 centers and along with a radius equal to D/2 describe arcs to intersect the corresponding horizontal lines at the points A1 to A12 of the desired cycloid. A smooth curve is after that drawn via these points along with the aid of a French curve.

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