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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Devices

The utility should give adequate and approved PPE for several jobs depending upon the hazard. Protective gears such as helmets, safety "Rassi-Zolis" safety shoes, should be issued to linesmen, jointers; supervisors etc. and their usage should be monitored. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the usage of PPE. You have learnt previously that personnel have to use appropriate protective equipment, like rubber gloves, mats, safety glasses and etc., wherever needed as per instructions or wherever it gives greater safety.

In addition, the following rules should be observed for the use and care of PPE:

1. Use the appropriate PPE for the work being performed and the environment in that you are working;

2. Visually inspect and/or test PPE before use. Any defective or damaged PPE should be repaired or replaced and discarded;

3. Wear a protective outer covering (such as leather) in cases whereas the insulating capabilities of the PPE may be damaged during the work;

4.  Wear non-conductive head protection while there is a danger of injury from electrical burns or shock caused through contact with exposed, energized parts;

5. Wear protective eye/face equipment while there is a danger from electrical arcs or flashes, or from flying objects as a result of an electrical explosion;

6. Do not carry/store PPE along with tools or other objects to avoid damage to them;

7. Any employee working on height above 8 feet from ground except working on platform should use Safety Belts / Rassi;

8. Use only approved kind of operating rods;

9. Keep operating rods as dry as probable. These should not be dropped / left lying on ground.


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