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First Aid Treatment for Electric Shock


Switch off the electric supply instantly or send someone to do so. Do not attempt to erase a person from contact along with high voltages unless suitable articles insulated for the system voltages are used for the purposes. While attempting to free a person from contact along with low or medium voltage, use rubber gloves, shoes, mat, plastic,  cardboard, wood or insulated stick, but if these are not available use a loop of rope, cap or coat to drag the person free. WHATEVER IS USED SHOULD BE DRY AND NON-CONDUCTING.


As fast as the victim is clear off the conductor, check the person's breathing and pulse. Rapidly feel along with your finger in his/her mouth and throat and erase any foreign matter (tobacco, false teeth etc.). If either pulse or breathing has stopped or seems dangerously shallow or slow, start artificial respiration immediately. Do not stop to loosen the victim's clothing now; each moment of delay is serious. Keep the patient warm.

If the person is faint or pale or display other signs of shock, lay the person down along with the head slightly lower than the trunk of his or her body and the legs elevated.

Treat any main burns as per instructions.


Further to suffering from electric shock it is also probable in which the patient is suffering from physical shock, and it is significant that this condition also be treated concurrently. Keep the patient warm along with blankets or coats, and if available, apply hot water bottles on the feet.


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