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Preventing Fire and Explosions at the Individual Level

Here are some Dos and Don'ts that will help you to avoid fire breaking out or spreading within an electrical installation. Pay special attention to these instructions as fire could be devastating.


1. Organize precautionary fire-drill and check fire-fighting apparatus periodically.

2. Have enough number of fire extinguishers located in strategic positions, so in which they might be available for immediate use in several areas.

3. Wipe up oil as soon as probable; use sand to cover oil spots.

4. Keep flammable material just in special containers and fire-proof rooms.

Keep flammable liquids in approved safety cans and identify them through proper labels. Varnish, paints, lacquers and thinners are highly inflammable and should be stored away from all open flames or probable sources of ignition. Matches and open flames should not be used while varnish paint or lacquer is being applied along with a spray gun.

5. Disconnect the supply immediately within case of fire near an electrical apparatus.

6. Make sure, while using water hose that the jet of water does not come within contact with live apparatus.

7. Be sure in which the personnel are familiar along with the location and proper use of fire extinguishers in their work area.


1. Do not permit waste paper, rags and other combustible material to accumulate.

2. Do not permit open flames and smoking in all such areas where inflammable liquids or gases are stored or being used. Such areas should be posted along with appropriate warning signs.

3. No employee should smoke or use matches or open flames on customer's premises unless it is positively known in which such action does not conflict along with the customer's rules.

4. Do not use fire extinguishers or electrical equipment unless they are clearly marked as appropriate for that reasons. Use sand blanket instead.

5. Do not throw water on live electrical equipment. It is dangerous to you.

You might require using fire extinguishers while fire breaks out. In order to be able to use several classes of fire extinguishers, you should know about various kinds of fire that is categorized according to the materials in which are on fire.


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