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  • Energy audit is one of the most significant tools for energy conservation and for achieving energy efficiency. An energy audit is an in-depth study of a facility to determine how and where energy is being used or converted from one form to another, and identify opportunities to reduce energy usage and avoid energy losses. It is the method to establish the current status of energy efficiency of a system.
  • The aims of energy audit are to review and upgrade the process for energy accounting, review the technical effectiveness of system elements in sub-transmission and distribution (ST&D) system, analyze the techniques for measuring the energy received, energy billed and the corresponding revenue collection, review the performance of equipment, distribution transformers, meters, etc., segregation of technical and non-technical losses, establishment of norms for checking the consumption of several categories of consumers and whole energy balance in the circles.
  • The type of energy audit to be performed depends on the function and kinds of industry, depth to that final audit is needed, and the potential and magnitude of cost reduction desired. Energy audit could be categorized into the following types: Preliminary audit, utility cost analysis, standard energy audit and detailed audit.
  • In an energy audit of a power distribution system, the energy losses are to be computed for each element of the network on the primary of actual energy sent out and actual consumption as recorded by the meters installed on both sides of the element. The total technical losses are given by the sum of 11 kV line losses, distribution transformer (no load and load) losses, LT network losses, and energy losses in loose jump connections, service mains and energy meters. Energy losses in the feeder equivalent the dissimilarity of energy input to the 11 kV feeder and energy sales. The commercial loss in the feeder equals the difference of energy loss and technical loss.
  • The searching of an energy audit should be reported in the form of an energy audit report, which should contain Preface, Executive Summary, Background and Plant Description, Findings and Recommendations.
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