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Behaviours of Organisational Change:

Culture is mostly unconscious to the members of the organisation and is able to control the behaviours of organisational change, even while the project plan calls for new behaviours. This is one of the purpose that why new leaders introducing change within an organisation sometimes replace key positions along with new people, external to the organisation.  Do you have same experiences in your organisation?

  • Innovation approaches seems at change from the perspective of diffusion of new ideas and practices. In this procedure, an innovation is communicated by several channels over time between the members of a social system. Resistance to procedure innovation could be described as late or no adoption through members of an organisation.
  • Global Change approaches seems at organisational change from an extremely wide standpoint. These contemplate on global transformations, based on life-threatening changes dictated through rapid changes taking place within an organisation's environment.
  • Practitioner Approaches to Change are those in that the practitioners / consultants and managers through and large take a diverse approach to organisational change. They blend several aspects of the available theoretical approaches they are familiar along with, as well as add practical experiences with real modification processes. Practitioner Approaches classically meddle at all stages. The untraditional approach to business reengineering needs a new leadership style for managers leading the change. From quote John Kotter, Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership at Harvard University.

"Success in managerial jobs increasingly needs leadership, not only good management. Even at lower stages in firms, the inability to lead is hurting both the corporate performance and individual careers. Organisations which stifle leadership from employees are no longer winning."

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