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Insertion Planning Criteria

The first step in developing component insertion plans needs that all the assembly- planning criteria be classified and identified. Each decision rules desired to satisfy these criteria must then be developed. In PCB assembly domain, the assembly panning criteria are the point of reference by such an assembly plan's effectiveness will be judged. These criteria depend upon management policies and are influenced by the assembly environment. Several of them may refer to the method of assembly environment. Some of them may refer to the method of assembly, whereas another may refer to assembly equipment characteristics. Though the number of assembly criteria can be extensive, a process planning approach is described based upon given two criteria.

  • Make simpler the operator's role in the semiautomatic component insertion process, and
  • Minimize the machine bed tour's traveling distance.

The overview of the semiautomatic insertion process aims at decreasing the level of component insertion complexity or difficulty for the manual assembly tasks while enhancing overall quality. Considering the operator as the first order of concern optimizes the overall process throughput by decreasing employee fatigue and downstream network. Likewise, the second criterion aims at minimizing the movement of the bed that holds and positions the PCB, hence maximizing the specific assembly equipment throughput.

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