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The Nature of Expert Systems

The expert system's applicability is gauged from its successful design in different, name is: diagnosis, inspection, monitoring, planning and design. Expert system is a software program that containing knowledge and procedure rules to emulate the decision making procedure of an expert in an exacting area. Hence, it is needed by an expert system to employ a knowledge base consisting of high-quality information about a exact problem domain.

This is worthy to keep that an expert system is different from any computer software in their architecture: An expert system doesn't follow a fixed logic pattern, here all the steps of a problem are pre-determined, as an alternative, this uses knowledge based having a set of rules and an inference engine. Virtually, expert systems are built in conjunction along with either an artificial intelligence or AI type programming languages or utilizing an expert shell. Expert system is nothing except a computer program specifically implemented for easy construction of expert system applications. The logic behind utilizing an expert system expert shell is to expand a tool for all expert system applications. Expert system shell provides ability to non- specialists to create working applications without understanding much of the logic includes in the expert system.

The tasks concerned to the building of expert system applications are described in diagram given below.

                                      1381_The Nature of Expert Systems.png

                                                                      Figure: Task Building in Expert Systems

To decide the applicability of any expert system to undertake problem different factors must be considered, practicality of the system also must be judged. Lots of saving both in terms of money and time can be achieved, whether expert system is systematically utilized. The relative disadvantages and advantages of an expert system over human experts are described below in table as:

                                           Table no.3: Expert Systems and Human Experts: A Comparative Analysis

Sl. No.

Expert System

Human Experts





Multiple locations

One location


Easily Modified

Difficult to modify





Can be easily integrated with other

Difficult to integrate


Easily Documented

Difficult to document





Need periodic updation



Intakes only symbolic input

Many input types


Limited (or no) real intelligence

Real reasoning capacity

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