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Expert Systems

This systems are artificial intelligence based programs such provide solution for the users to determine complex problems. In addition to such, expert systems should have inbuilt flexibility to contain new knowledge simply. An expert system is differents from the traditional problem solving approached in described ways.


Sl. No.


Expert Systems

Traditional Problem Solving





It simulate human reasoning

It works on the basis of pre-defined instructions



Expressed in special purpose language


No specific language is used



It uses heuristic methods to obtain a solution

It relies on mathematical and statistical models



Expert System = Knowledge base + Reasoning engine

Traditional Program = Data + Algorithm

                          Table no.2: Comparison in between the Traditional Problem Solving and Expert System Technique

Expert systems show a revolutionary transition from such traditional data processing for knowledge processing. Expert systems suggest an environment for incorporating the excellent abilities of human and the power of computers. Several of the advantages of an expert system are described below as:

(a)   Expert systems are capable to handle symbolic information.

(b)   Expert system is able to apply heuristics to decrease the complexity of search.

(c)    Expert systems can contain new expertise whenever new knowledge is known.

(d)   Expert systems are capable to illustrate their recommendations.

(e)   Expert systems decrease the company's reliance upon human experts by catching expert knowledge and saved them in computers.

The Nature of Expert Systems
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