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Expert System In Designing Of CIM Systems - Defining Characteristics of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems or CIMS

Defining Characteristics of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems or CIMS

CIMs can be considered as the logical organization of individual marketing, production and engineering into an integrated computer system. In nutshell, CIMs or Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems enclosed the every activity concerned to manufacturing business, including as:

(a) Development and Evaluation of different product categories.

(b) By analyzing market situations, forecast Generation.

(c) Analysing current market /product characteristics and produce set of probable concepts related to manufacturing system.

(d) Implementation of component for machining, inspection, assembly and other concerned processes.

(e) Determination of batch size, scheduling and manufacturing ability, and control strategies.

(f) Analysing the feedback of process control parameters concerned to manufacturing processes.

(g) Economic and disturbances parameters of Analysing systems.

Apart from these generic activities, CIMs or Computer Integrated Manufacturing system has exact objectives concerned to all areas of manufacturing processes, as:

(a) To compose the system more productive and efficient.

(b) To enhance the reliability of the products.

(c) To minimize the production and maintenance cost mutually for the manufacturing system and also for individual products.

(d) To maximize the utilization level of all the resources.

(e) To minimize the number of hazardous jobs and to occupy more educated peoples in the high sensitive areas as like manufacturing activities and implementation or design.

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