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Electrical Engineering

Introduction to Basic Electrical Technology

Engineering students of nearly all streams has to experience this course (i.e., Introduction to Basic Electrical Technology) as one of the main subject in the first semester. It is unnecessary to state that how much we are dependent on electricity in our daily life. A reasonable understanding on the basics of applied electricity is thus significant for every engineer.  

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Apart from learn a.c and d.c circuit study both under steady state and transient conditions, you will learn fundamental working principles and analysis of transformer, induction motor and d.c motors. Lastly working principles of several popular and helpful indicating measuring instruments are obtainable. 

The course can be broadly categorized into three key parts, namely: The Electrical circuits, Electrical Machines and Measuring instruments.

field-effect transistor Parallel GLC circuits
AC Circuits AC Machines
Ac Waves Acoustics, audio, and high fidelity
Adding admittance vectors Adding impedance vectors in RLC circuit
Alternating current Ampere
Amplifiers Amplitude limiting
Atomic number Atoms
Basic digital principles Basic Electrical Theory
Battery expansion Bipolar transistor
Capacitance Capacitive reactance
Common dime-store cells Complex admittances in parallel
Complex impedances in series Compounds
Computers and the Internet Conductance
Conductors Current
Current calculations Current flow
Current through series resistances Currents through parallel resistances
Data reception Data transmission
DC circuit Dc Circuits
Detection Digital Electronics
Distribution Transformer Division of power
Electrical Safety and Disaster Management Electrochemical energy
ElectroMagnetism Electromotive force
Electron tubes Electronic Circuits
Electrons Energy
Energy Conservation, Audit and Accounting Energy emission
Energy units Frequency control
Frequency multiplication Generation-Transmission - Distribution of Electric Power
Heterodyning Impedance
Inductance Inductive reactance
Instrumentation And Control Insulators
Integrated circuits and data storage media Introduction of Electric Circuit
Ions Isotopes
Kirchhoff’s first law Kirchhoff’s second law
Loop Analysis of resistive circuit with Volatage & current Magnetic units
Magnetism Measuring devices
Measuring devices Microprocessors
Miniature cells Molecules
Neutrons Nickel-cadmium cells
Node-voltage analysis Nonelectrical energy
Ohm’s Law Ohms law for ac circuits
Optoisolator Oscillation and amplification
Oscillators Phase
Photo-voltaic cells Photosensitive diodes
Photovoltaic cells Power
Power calculations Power distribution in parallel circuits
Power distribution in series circuits Power Distribution System
Power supplies Primary and secondary cells
Project Report Preparation Properties of Conductors and Insulators
Protons Quality of Supply and Services
Rectification Rectification of direct current
Reducing complicated RLC circuits Resistance
Resistance calculations Resistances in parallel
Resistances in series-parallel Resistive loads in general
Resistors Robotics and artificial intelligence
Safety considerations in electrical work Schematic diagrams
Schematic symbols Sectoral Overview and Enabling Framework
Semiconductor Devices Semiconductors
Series RLC circuits Static electricity
Storage capacity of standard cell Substation Equipment and Distribution Lines
Superposition Theorem Switching
The Weston standard cell Thevenin’s theorems
Transformer volt
Voltage across parallel resistances Voltage calculations
Voltage divider networks Voltage regulation
Voltages across series resistances Wireless and personal communications systems
Wiring diagrams Wye -Delta OR Delta -Wye Transformations
Zinc-carbon cells
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