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Engineering is the science, ability, and profession of taking and providing economic, scientific, social, and practical knowledge, in order to project and also create structures, devices, machines, systems, processes and materials.

The American Engineers' Council for Professional Development (ECPD, the predecessor of ABET) has Called as "engineering" as:

The creative application of scientific rule to develop or design machines, structures, apparatus, or manufacturing process, or acts utilizing them in combination or singly; or to operate or construct the similar with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their nature under specific operating rules; all as related to an intended function, economics of function or safety to property and life.

Engineering is very important subject and it comes from academic level, but the ideas behind engineering theory are same and glossary and keywords is very important to know by each and every student. prepares basic concepts and important related terms for students which may help you in knowing the theory behind that topic.

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Civil Engineering Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
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