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Previously, we introduced the concept of demand side management in power systems and explained why power utilities should adopt it for the advantages of all. You have learnt about the methods for DSM and the role of the government and ERCs in facilitating DSM in the power sector. You would agree in which energy management on the consumer side is equally significant as all well-planned actions could help improve energy efficiency, decrease energy bills and minimize the damage completed to the environment. You have learnt that the two major energy management strategies in the power systems are conservation and efficiency. These also form the cornerstone of demand side management on the consumer side.

Previously, we discuss the measures for demand side management on the consumer's end. We start with certain general principles and then focus on the industrial, agricultural, domestic and commercial sectors of the economy. We present several measures which can be undertaken through the consumers as well as the utilities for DSM in these sectors. We also discuss the purpose why DSM has not been undertaken in a big way in any of these sectors. The discussion throws up various issues and challenges that need to be addressed in sequence in which DSM is successful in our country. These are dealt along with in the last section of the unit.

We hope that after studying this unit, you will be able to appreciate the need for DSM and find ways of contributing to this national endeavour. We start by discussing the measures that a utility could take for DSM at the consumer's end.

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