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Disaster Due To Natural Calamities


Previously, you have studied about several accidents which can take place in a power distribution utility, and measures for accident prevention and protection. Here, we focus on the management of disasters due to natural calamities and human actions, that tend to disrupt the power distribution network. You know in which our country is blessed by nature: The land has abundant rivers criss-crossing its length and breadth.

But several a times, the similar bountiful nature turns its wrath on us and we face natural calamities of untold agony and suffering. The Eastern coast frequent brings high winds and tides and severe cyclones at times. The long coastal line supporting the fortunes of sea is pounded through tides, cyclones and even tsunamis that take a heavy toll on human lives and infrastructure including the power sector. Each year, we witness devastating floods because of incessant rains in several parts of the country and severe droughts in others. The mountainous regions are prone to landslides and various parts are earthquake- prone. In addition, there are several human acts, e.g., terrorist attcks, strikes, etc., which can have a disastrous impact on the power distribution system.

Electricity is the lifeline of the economy as well as of the society. Any disruption within the supply of electricity at any time not only causes loss to the economy, but also creates hardship to human beings, as every aspect of human life is linked with electricity. Disasters are situations of great calamity and could strike suddenly anytime and anywhere. As such, any disaster and natural calamity could impact the power sector and lead to disruption in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Thus, disaster management needs special attention and it is very significant for all power utilities to have a Disaster Management Plan. A well-designed plan can help them restore power supply in the affected areas in the shortest possible time.

Here, we discuss several types of disasters, their impact on the power sector, the measures which should be taken for disaster preparedness and the features of a well-designed Disaster Management Plan. We also present some case studies in to share the experiences of several power distribution utilities in managing disasters.

Cyclones Disaster Due To Human Action
Disaster Management Plan Disaster Preparedness Measures
Disaster:Natural Calamities Earthquakes
Floods Major Equipment Failure of Electricity Grid
Post-disaster Activities Security Measures
Strikes Structure Of Disaster Management System
Summary Types of Disasters
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