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Objectives and Functions of Energy Accounting

For power distribution utilities, the specific goal of energy accounting could be to:

1.   Prepare an energy account on each feeder to record the quantum of energy received and the quantum of energy supplied to several customers;

2.    Segregate losses within technical/non-technical losses;

3.    Identify areas of mismatch among billing and revenue collection;

4.    Improve metering, billing and collection;

5.   Identify high loss areas and remedial steps for reduction of both technical and commercial losses;

6.    Prepare benchmarks of real system losses with the standards;

7.    Continuously review the progress made within the remedial action initiated earlier.

Utilities can also give energy accounting as a service to its consumers and play an important role in energy conservation.

So far we have introduced the concept of energy accounting and discussed the required for it as well as its goal and functions as applicable to power distribution utilities. You have learnt that one of the goals of energy accounting is to segregate losses into technical and non-technical losses.  For this, you should also know about the losses in the power system that occurs as electrical power flows from the power producing station to the end-user.

You will learn about the causes of these losses and how to manage them in detail. At the moment, we are concerned with a primary understanding of what these are for incorporating them within the energy accounting procedure. You will learn about their segregation in

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