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A few employees naturally approach life & challenges more enthusiastically than others. Enthusiastic employees embrace change. On the other hands of trying to pick apart a proposed change and searching all the ways which it would not work, they see it as a natural element of an organisation's evolution. Like enthusiastic employees required be supporting and nurturing since their enthusiasm could encourage other employees & help make the implementation of change much more palatable for each one.

•          "Maybe I could adjust to this change . . . ."

Not all employees embrace modify enthusiastically or jump out of their seats to accept the challenge. A few watch from the sidelines - but keep open-minded. After a period of observation, they might agree to provide the change a chance. Although they might not be eager participants in the change procedure initially, they acknowledge the possibility of adjusting to the change. They show willingness to learn new methods and process rather than sabotaging change activities. If handled along with care, such employees could become assets in due course of time.

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