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Transistor Amplifier Circuits:

Whereas in most of the applications, required amplifiers may be readily designed using commercially available IC operational amplifiers and other ICs, hundreds of varieties of which are at present available to meet a various performance parameters, in several cases, discrete transistor circuits can be required and can be more convenient. Moreover, knowledge of discrete transistor circuits is also useful in understanding and appreciating the internal circuits of several IC building blocks as well as their non-ideal behaviour and performance restrication. In the following, thus, the most commonly employed transistor amplifier configurations and their characteristics are discussed.

Analysis of the BJT DC Bias Conditions Bipolar Junction Transistor
Common-collector Amplifier Common-Emitter Amplifier
Comparison of the Three Basic Amplifiers Differential Amplifier
Hybrid Model of a Transistor The Common-base Amplifier
Transfer and Output Characteristics
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