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Benchmarking is not a fad but has become the primary requirement of any organization. It is a continuous procedure and requires efforts on part of the organization on a continuous basis. The main key to a successful benchmarking is doing a benchmarking on a regular basis so as to compare results over time. This will help in developing a trend and identifying the gaps that over the time could be improved upon.

As we know through now in which benchmarking helps in evaluating the performance on an individual primary as well as on the organizational basis. It is significant to note that performance benchmarking should be accompanied along with other types of benchmarking to provide a holistic performance based evaluation methods. It has been seen in which paper based manual benchmarking system is quite tedious and time consuming. Thus, now-a-days organizations are going in for automated benchmarking systems, like 360 degree feedback forms that require fewer efforts and could be applied effectively and could generates return on investments within a short span.

It is significant to understand that there are certain critical factors that are needed for making benchmark successful. These could be summarized as follows:

1 Choosing the right things to be benchmarked;

2 Included the right people at the right time;

3 Having a general understanding of the whole process involved;

4 Understanding the situation prevalent at the time of benchmarking;

5 Choosing appropriate partners;

6 Managing the improvements.

The main success factor is to remember which benchmarking is a continuous improvement strategy and a procedure of change management. To conclude it could be said that any activity could be benchmarked but the crux of the success lies in learning the lessons in the benchmarking activity that in turn should become the source for continuous improvement and innovation in the procedure of benchmarking.

Accident prevention, handling and protection

1. Here, we have dealt along with several aspects of accident prevention, handling and protection.

2. We have presented common information about direct and indirect causes of accidents, accident reporting procedures and investigation and the costs of accidents.

3. We have discussed several general measures that could be taken to avoid accidents involving good housekeeping and training of personnel for upgrading their skills and managing the correct attitude towards accidents.

4. We have focused on cases of electric shock and fire. The safety precautions and simple techniques for handling such cases have been presented.

5. We have also discussed some preliminary first aid measures for cases of electric shock, burns and other physical injuries. We have presented some elementary methods of giving artificial respiration to revive accident victims.


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