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Detailed Project Report Preparation and Appraisal:

In the current reform scenario, the distribution operators are expected to carry out their responsibilities at least cost and optimum efficiency. However, the quality of supply and service depends on both the generating stations and distribution operators. A generating station has a key role in active voltage management. The distribution network operator's role is to provide reactive support and load curtailments (through demand side management options). There is now a major shift from maintaining and expanding the network based on consumer demand to the concept of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) that are bankable (earlier DPRs were serving the purpose of utilities' internal accounting purposes). This will primarily turn the utilities, bidders, manufacturers, suppliers and all those who contribute in erection and maintenance of distribution network into accountable components of the power system.

Previously you have learnt about the basic preparatory work required for project implementation and execution. You have studied the merits of turn key contracts vis-à-vis unit rate contracts. In this unit, you will study the process of preparing Detailed Project Reports which includes specifying technical requirements, software and tools, site visit schedules and the time frame required to prepare the Project Report.

Consolidation of DPR Components Cost Components of DPR
DPR Preparation Factors in DPR Preparation
Field Study - Data Collection and Analysis Project Investment
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