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Introduction of Electric Circuit

An Electric network or Electric circuit is an interconnection of electrical elements associated altogether in a closed path so to an electric current might flow continuously.

The interconnection of different electric elements in a prearranged manner includes as an electric circuit in order to execute a desired function. The electric elements involve controlled and uncontrolled source of energy, resistors, inductors, capacitors, etc. The analysis of electric circuits refers to computations needed to determine the unknown quantities like current, voltage, and power connected with one or more elements in the circuit. To contribute to the answer of engineering problems one should get the fundamental knowledge of electric circuit analysis and laws. Most of the systems, such as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, magnetic and power system are easy to examine and model by a circuit. To learn how to examine the models of such systems, first one requires learning the methods of circuit analysis.

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Communications systems, Power systems, and Computer systems all consists of more or less complex electric circuits which themselves are made up of circuit elements. The devices and equipment stated above might be symbolized by ‘equivalent circuits’ consisting of such circuit elements, and an equal circuit should behave to all intents and purposes in the similar manner as the device and equipment which it symbolizes.



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