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In electronics, inductance is that property of a charge conductor by which a change in electric current in the conductor "induces" (produce) a voltage (electromotive force) in both the charged conductor itself (self-inductance) and any close conductors (mutual inductance)]. That effect generates from two basic observations of physics: First, that a steady current provides a steady magnetic field (Oersted's law) ; second, that a time-varying magnetic field generate voltage in a close conductor (Faraday's law of induction). From Lenz's law, in an electric network, a changing electric current goes through a network that has inductance generate a proportional voltage which repeals the change in current (self inductance). The changing field in that circuit can also induce an e.m.f. in a neighbouring circuit (mutual inductance).

In the SI system the unit of inductance is the henry.

The term 'inductance' was given by Oliver Heaviside in February 1886. It is customary to take the symbol L for inductance, in memory of the physicist Heinrich Lenz.

The inductance is shown as in a circuit:

v=L (di/dt)

To include inductance to a circuit, electronic elements called inductors are used, typically having of coils of wire to concentrate the magnetic field and so that the magnetic field is related into the circuit more than once.

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