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Generation-Transmission-Distribution of Electric Power

The Electric Power Generation, Transmission, & Distribution gives concentrated and detailed coverage of all aspects regarding the conventional and nonconventional techniques of power generation, transmission and distribution systems, electric power consumption, and power quality. Contributed by worldwide leaders beneath the supervision of one of the world's most appreciated and skilled authorities in power engineering, this cautiously crafted reference gives suitable access to both overviews and explained information.

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Whenever people speak about the electric power industry, the center of the conversation is generally on the power generation side of the business or on the utilities. The power generation side studies the extraction of fossil fuels, alternative energy generation, carbon emissions, oil spills, and nuclear power. The utilities side centers on the customer-oriented delivery side of the business, from electricity bill surcharges to outages in our electricity supply.

A third and frequently overlooked part of the power and energy industry is the transmission and distribution space, a significant cluster of industries which involve the production of machinery, electric lines and transformers and also line management systems (like "smart-grid" technology) which improve effectiveness. These are responsible for the real “delivery” of the electric power—no matter the generation source, be it gas, solar, oil, wind or else—to commercial, private and industrial users in a working format.

A.C generator Basic idea of generation
Changeover from D.C to A.C Distribution system
Frequency-voltage-interconnected system Hydel plants
Non conventional sources of energy Nuclear plants
Single line representation of power system Some significant components/equipments in substation
Substations Thermal plant
Transmission of power
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