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Ac Circuits:

This unit deals with the concept of AC circuit analysis. Unit begin with the fundamental definitions about the alternating quantity and then covers the concept of RMS and average value, form factor and peak factor.

Afterwards in unit, we give the idea of resistance, calculation for their voltage, inductive and capacitive circuits, current, power and power factor. We also introduce three kind of powers - reactive, active and apparent power. Detail discussions regarding the series and parallel RLC circuits are also given in this unit.

The unit also covers the concept of series and parallel resonance with enough description and examples.

Analysis of balanced three phase circuit, star-delta conversion and maximum power transfer theorem are also the part of this unit.


After studying this unit, you should be able to

  • Describe the concept of alternating quantity,
  • describe the RMS and average values with form and peak factor,
  • Find out the voltage, current and power for pure resistive, inductive, capacitive circuits and circuit having their combinations,
  • describe the power factor and quality factor,
  • differentiate between apparent, active and reactive powers,
  • describe the concept of series and parallel resonance,
  • differentiate between different three phase connection,
  • Find out the current, voltage and power in star and delta connected three phase balanced circuits,
  • convert the star connection to delta and vice-versa, and
  • Apply the maximum power transfer theorem and Thevenin theorem in ac and dc circuits.


Complex Representation of Alternating Quantities Concept of Power
General Notations used in 3-phase Introduction to Alternating Quantity
Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Quality Factor
Resistive - Inductive and Capacitive Circuits Series and Parallel Resonance
Thevenins Equivalent Circuit
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