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Temperature Coefficient of Resistance:

Let R0 is resistance at any initial temperature t0 and Rt is the resistance at higher temperature t. Then increment in resistance (Rt - R0) is directly proportional to initial value of resistance R0 and increment in temperature (t - t0).


                                      Rt - R0 = α0 R0 (t - t0)

Where α0 is the temperature coefficient of resistance referred to temperature t0

α0 = Rt - R0 / R0 (t - t0)

If initial temperature t0 = 0oC then α= Rt - R0 / R0 × t. Unit of temperature coefficient is per oC.

Resistance at any temperature is termed as

Rt = R0 (1 +α t )     (here t0 = 0o C)

The value of temperature coefficient of resistance (α) is not constant. Its value based upon the initial temperature on which the increment of resistance is based. If the value of α at t1oC is α1 then its value at t2oC shall be

α2 = 1/ ((1/ α1) + (t2 - t1))

The temperature coefficient of resistance 'α' is positive for metals and alloys. α is negative for electrolytes , semiconductors and insulators.

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