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Energy Conservation Building Codes

The "Energy Conservation Building Codes" (ECBC) are the norms and standards of energy consumption that involves considerations for the location and occupancy of the building. ECBC set minimum standards for building energy efficiency by design and construction although enhancing occupant comfort. The aim of the ECBC programme is to decrease the baseline energy use in buildings through supporting the adoption and implementation of building energy codes, that ensure that energy efficiency building, is incorporated at the design and construction phase itself.

For ECBC, a building is described as any structure or part of a structure having linked load of 500 kW or contract demand of 600 kVA and above and intended to be used for commercial reasons. ECBC will cover only the energy performance aspects of the building and not other aspects like as health and safety.

A draft Energy Conservation Building Code has been prepared for five climatic zones (warm and humid, hot and dry, composite, temperate and cold). This code would only apply to new commercial buildings along with connected load of more than 500 kW. The draft Code is being reviewed within the participation of all stakeholders.

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