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Previously, you have studied about several aspects of energy conservation involving the measures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption, and strategies for ensuring energy security for all. These measures form an integral part of a sound energy management strategy. The fundamental goal of energy management and conservation is to produce goods and provide services at the maximum energy efficiency, least cost and least adverse environmental impact. Good energy management can lead to reduced consumption, reduction in local pollution and lower CO2 levels.

Energy accounting is an integral part of energy management and conservation since it measures and accounts for energy inputs, energy consumption and energy losses. In the power sector, energy accounting enables the quantification of losses in different segments of the system from generating stations to the consumer end. Therefore, in this unit, we discuss the concept of energy accounting, its need, objectives and functions in relation to the power distribution sector. In order to understand energy accounting in the power sector, you must know about various forms of energy and units of energy.  This is what we explain in the beginning.  Next, we describe the energy accounting procedure, in brief. You will also learn about some advanced technological interventions for energy accounting. The idea is not to train you in implementing the energy accounting procedure per se. We would like to sensitise you to its importance so that you can appreciate the need for energy accounting in a power utility.

Energy accounting and energy auditing go hand-in-hand and help in identifying measures suitable for reduction of T&D losses. Energy auditing provides the means to identify the areas of leakage, wastage or inefficient use and prevent energy loss.  Therefore, in the next unit you will study about energy audit.

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