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DSM Techniques

Power utilities could take a host of measures for management of load in the power system at the LT level. Some of these are

  • Load curve modification,
  • TOD meters,
  • Three shift operation and staggered off day. We now explain these techniques, in brief. Load Curve Modification

While a DSM programme is being planned through a power utility, it is significant that the target load curve goals are established beforehand and the electricity demand be managed accordingly.

The following are the most commonly practiced load curve modification goals:

1          Peak clipping

2          Valley filling

3          Strategic conservation

4          Strategic load growth

5          Load shifting

6          Flexible load shape

These terms might be new to many of you. Thus, we should spend some time on explaining their meaning. You might first like to look at the shape of the load curve in each case. We described these load profiles in Figure.

Let us explain what these terms mean.


Load Shifting involves shifting load from on-peak to off-peak periods Peak Clipping means the reduction of the system peak loads at exact periods
Strategic Conservation is one of the non-traditional approaches Valley filling includes building the load during off-peak hours
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