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Mending a Pencil:

The given are two methods of mending a pencil for accurate and good  work as:

(a)    Chisel edge pencil

(b)   Conical or round point pencil

296_Mending a Pencil.png

A chisel pencil has a chisel edge, flat on every side that remains fine for a long duration and is usually utilized for drawing straight lines. 2H, 3H. Pencils are usually mended to the chisel edge shape, like display in Figure. A medium grade pencil as like HB is sharpened to round point or a conical, like display in Figure and is meant for free hand written work. For sharpening a pencil, a small piece of sand-paper of zero grades, pasted on a piece of wood, such will be extremely helpful for remaining the point in good situation. Roll and Pull the pencil point on a sand-paper block, like display in Figure to sharpen the pencil point.

2013_Mending a Pencil1.png


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