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A large compass is utilized to draw circles or arcs of circle in ink or pencil. It consists of two legs, one along with a detachable needle and the second leg such may have not same attachments. The attachments normally utilized are as:

(a)    Pencil-point        (b) pin-point    (c) ink-point          (d) lengthening bar.

Therefore, it can perform triple services, like dividers, a pencil compass and a pen compass. A circle of roughly like 12 cm diameter can be drawn along with the pencil or ink-point through the legs of the compass remained straight. To draw bigger diameter circles, the lengthening bar can be required as shown in as:



For drawing small arcs and circles, a small spring bow pencil compass is used. It is equipped along with a centre or side wheel to get finer adjustments. A bow pen compass as displayed in, same to a bow spring pencil compass, is used to draw circles and arcs in ink.

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