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Flood Plain Zoning

The basic concept of flood plain zoning is to regulate land use in the flood plains in order to restrict damage by floods, which are likely to occur from time to time. The flood plain zoning as such aims at determining the locations and the extent of areas likely to be affected through floods of various magnitudes / frequency and to develop these areas in such a fashion that the resulting damage is decreased to a minimum. The Central Water Commission has carried out the flood plain zoning in some of the river basins in the country.

As per the concept of flood plain zoning, the flood plain has been categorized into three categories: Prohibitive zone, restricted zone and Warning zone.

For the reasons of regulating land use in different flood zones, different kinds of buildings and utility services have been grouped under three priorities as given below:

•  Priority-1: Defence installations, industries, and public utilities like hospitals, electrical installations, telephone exchange, water supply,  aerodromes, railway stations; commercial centres, etc.,

•  Priority-2: Public institutions, Govt. offices, Universities, Public Libraries and Residential Areas.

•  Priority-3: Parks and Playgrounds.

As per this zoning, no power project should be situated within the flood zone corresponding to a 100 years frequency or the maximum observed flood level. The foundation level of power plants is kept at least 1.0 m above the maximum observed flood level or flood level of 100-year frequency to prevent any damage because of floods.

Further, we shall discuss the objectives and scope of the Disaster Management Plan. But before studying further, you might like to review these concepts.

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