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Structure Of Disaster Management System

Though the prime focus of activities would be at the actual installations which are affected because of impending or actual event, a comprehensive disaster management system should be in place along with initiatives/support at regional and central level especially in case of main disasters affecting the plant, installation or site. It is essential to have an integrated approach at the national level to monitor and meet the several situations arising out of the crisis in the power sector.

A 4-tier structure should be in place for the reasons with intervention and response depending on the severity of the disaster/calamity. Natural calamities might be widely grouped into major and minor types depending upon their potential to cause damage to human life and property. Although the central and regional level interventions are necessitated for major calamities, the state and local agencies should respond to minor incidents. Disaster management groups should be set up at all levels.

Constitution of Disaster Management Groups Facilities Required to Tackle Any Disaster
Measures for Quick Restoration of Power Supply Plant Level Emergency Management Group
Regional Level Disaster Management Group (RDMG) State Level Disaster Management Group (SDMG)
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