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Strike through any section of the employees, construction workers or contractors in a providing station/sub-station/load dispatch centre could lead to an emergency situation and bring the system to a grinding halt if adequate alternate measures to run the generating station/sub-station/load dispatch centres are not taken.  Identification of alternate human resource/outsourced workforce must be completed in advance for maintain emergencies arising out of strikes.

It is simpler to take precautions when a strike notice is given through the unions. Under such a condition the effect of strike is expected to be fairly widespread. Various decisions/actions to be taken in this phase are as follows:

  • Concerned departments and several committees within the organization should be alerted immediately.
  • Disturbance situation should be assessed along with regard to the kinds of personnel/unions included, whether situation is likely to spread and status of the corrective action/negotiations initiated.
  • Concerned Government and Labour Department should be informed in writing, specifying the background leading to the agitation and the assistance required from Government or Labour Department.
  • Sufficient water should be arranged in tanks, drums and etc. in various areas to meet emergency situation.
  • Enough reserve stock of fuel oil and other consumable items required for keeping the system in operation should be managed.
  • Adequate provisions should be made (for food, cots, mattresses, etc.) for executives and other running staff to stay within the grid station/sub station premises for prolonged period during the strike.
  • Legal status of the strike should be examined and communicated to all concerned.
  • The dangers and the threats during strike required to be assessed and appropriate planning completed to counteract such events.
  • Arrangements should be made for additional workforce for running the grid stations or substations. The organization must also keep a list of the retired persons from the grid station during the past 2-3 years so that their services could be utilized under like eventualities. A list of resourceful contractors should be remain ready who would be able to supply skilled/unskilled workforce in the event of any emergency.
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