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Fraction to Decimal Conversion:

In the procedure of converting a fraction to a decimal, we must perform the operation of division which the fraction represents.


Convert 3/4 to a decimal


The fraction 3/4 represents 3 divided by 4.  For put this into decimal form, we first divide 3 by 4.  Add a decimal point and zeros to carry out this division.


Convert 1/3 to a decimal


In the above example we see which no matter how several zeros we add; there will always be a remainder of 1. This is known as a repeating decimal.  A repeating decimal is denoted through a dash over the last number to the right of the decimal point.  So, 1/3 =0.333¯. The bar is placed over the repeating portion. For a repeating one digit, the bar is placed over only a single digit.  To a repeating sequence of digits, the bar is placed over the whole sequence of digits.

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