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Decimal to Fraction Conversion:

The process of decimal to fraction conversion includes the use of the fundamental rule of fractions; the fraction should be written in its lowest terms.  The following examples elaborate how to convert decimals to fractions.


Convert 0.65 to a fraction.


Step 1: Remember the number of place positions to the right of the decimal point.  In this example, 0.65 is 65 hundredths, that is two places to the right of the decimal point.


Step 2: While we have now converted the decimal into a fraction, the fraction is not in its lowest terms. To reduce the new fraction within its lowest or easiest terms, both the numerator & the denominator must be broken down into primes.

65/100 = 5 . 13/ 5.20 = 5. 13/ 5. 4.5 = 5. 13/ 5. 2. 2. 5

Note that we can cancel one set of 5s, because   5/5 = 1

This gives

65/100 = 13/20

and this is the simplest form of this fraction.

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