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Organising refers to the formal grouping of people and activities to facilitate achievement of the organizational stated goals.

Issues for discussion here are the kinds of organization structure, degree of centralization, levels of management, span of control, delegation of authority, unity of command, line and staff relationship, and staffing.

  • Structure refers to the specific manner in which people are grouped.
  • Centralization refers to the point or level whereas all decision-making authority is concentrated. One-person enterprises, such as a small bread and butter store, vegetable vendor, a self-employed car mechanic, are examples of full centralization. Is there an official in your utility who plays a same role?
  • Closely associated to the concept of centralization are the concepts of levels of management and span of control. Levels of management refer to the number of hierarchical levels under the control of a particular manager. How several levels of management exist in a power utility? In a power utility, the number of linemen who directly report to the field supervisor represents his/ her span of control.
  • At every level of management, there is a reporting relationship among the manager and her/his subordinates. The fewer the number of people which an official has to report to, the lesser will be the problem of conflict in instructions, and the greater the feeling of responsibility for results. Similarly, clearer the line of authority from the manager to the workers, better will be the decision-making and communication.
  • The process of staffing begins along with the identification of the job(s) to be completed and the essential qualifications, skills and experience required for doing it.


Having found the right candidate, it is equally significant that you are able to retain him. Between other things, motivation and leadership provided through the top management play a significant role.

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