Shear force diagram Assignment Help

Continuous Beams - Shear force diagram

Shear force diagram:

The shear force diagram could be now easily drawn.

For bending moment two diagrams are drawn within Figure 10(c) the free positive bending moments due to the vertical loads in each span is first drawn, over which the negative BM diagrams are superimposed to cut off the negative values from the positive ones.

However, a better depiction of bending moments is obtained when the some diagram is drawn on a common horizontal base as shown in Figure 10(d). The BMs and the points of contraflexture may be verified.

The maximum positive BM in central span BC occurs, where the SF = 0, which is obtained in Figure 10(b) at 1.772 m from support B. The value of the maximum positive BM may then be calculated and found to be + 1.659 kNm.

653_Shear force diagram.png

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