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Immune System


The growth of the vertebrates throughout the evolution of species is accompanied by also the evolution of this system of the species. This system of vertebrates has hierarchically arranged organs, cells and molecules in the body that presents the task of defending the living body from foreign attack. This does consequently; by looking for the malfunctioning cells from its own body and foreign disease causing elements. Artificial immune systems can be explained as abstract or metaphorical computational systems improved by utilizing ideas, components, and theories, extracted from such system. Most Artificial immune systems aim at solving difficult computational or engineering problems, as like pattern recognition, optimization, and elimination. It is a crucial distinction among artificial immune systems and theoretical immune system models. Whereas the former is devoted primarily to calculating, the latter is focused upon the modeling of the immune system or IS in order to know its behaviour, thus the contributions can be prepared to the biological sciences. This is not exclusive, though, the employ of one approach into the other and definitely theoretical models of the immune system have contributed to the development of Artificial immune systems.

The Pattern Recognition Problem Clonal Selection and Affinity Maturation
Immune Network Theory Immune Principle
Implementation Of AIS In Pattern Recognition Objectives
Response of Immune Network Model to Non-self Antigens Role of Antibodies in Artificial immune systems
Test the Stopping Criterion Variants Of AIS

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