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Computing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Extensions Of PETRI NETS

Extensions Of PETRI NETS


Petri net theory has become a significant computational paradigm to analyze and show a wide class of systems. Since a computational paradigm for intelligent systems, the net theory offers a graphical language to interpret, visualize and communicate the engineering problems, and the specification and engineering language also that can be employed as a implementation tool and development simulation. Petri nets have an inherent ability to shows and analyze in an easy manner, concurrently and synchronization phenomenon. Furthermore, the net approach can be simply combined along with other theories and techniques which comprise, Object Oriented Programming or OOP, neural networks, fuzzy sets, etc. These mutual PN are widely employed in computer systems, robotic systems, manufacturing systems, process control, knowledge based systems, as well as another kind of engineering application.

Previously we have developed a concept about the Petri net modelling and how this can be employed to model complex manufacturing systems. We have also a number of extensions to the fundamental Petri net models. Here we highlight the Petri net modelling's few extensions. A few of the classical Petri net models of the famous extensions are:

(a)   Coloured Petri nets

(b)   Fuzzy Petri nets

(c)    Adaptive Fuzzy Petri-nets

(d)   Fuzzy Neural Petri nets

Such models will be seemed in detail in the given sections.


Training of an AFPN Weighted Fuzzy Production Rules
Adaptive Fuzzy Petri Nets Coloured Stochastic PETRI NETS
Fuzzy Neural PETRI NETS Fuzzy Petri Nets
Implementation of AFPNs Mapping of WFPR into AFPN
Objectives The Fuzzy Reasoning Algorithm

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