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Expert Systems


Expert systems are the parts of the field of artificial intelligence or AI. The handbook of artificial intelligence defines artificial intelligence is a part of computer science such is concerned along with designing computer systems which exhibit the characteristics normally associated along with intelligence in human behavior, as like understanding language, reasoning, learning, and solving problems.

This has long been desire of engineers to include design expertise within the CAD software; however conventional software technologies have not been well suited to this task. By using the technology of expert systems, now it is possible to incorporate judgmental design knowledge within the CAD environment. This ability permits for the distribution of relatively rare expert design and manufacturing knowledge to a wide range engineers and designers, hence improving overall design performance and reducing the design time.

The integration of computer aided design systems and expert system shells permits expert systems application to interact along with CAD systems to provide advice regarding the feasibility and desirability of proposed designs. In the design review mode, such architecture permits designers to propose configurations, contain the expert system review the design and provide modification advice, and then graphically modify the design. Expert systems integrated along with computer-aided design have provided practical, convenient, and cost-effective solutions to a number of general problems associated along with engineering and manufacturing.

The implementation of expert systems integrated along with computer-aided design can provide significant advantages when a firm is placed with any of the given changes:

  • Experienced designers and engineers have been lost or are about to be lost because of retirements, promotions, relocations, transfer, reduction in force, or other purpose.
  • Available engineers and designers are unfamiliar along with requirements of the manufacturing process.
  • Product design requires highly skilled specialist with exact and scarce know-how.
  • Designs are complex, along with tight manufacturing tolerances, complex surface geometry, special finishes, or complex subassemblies.
  • Product design requires a large, multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers.
  • Corporate standards for product design are very exact and detailed.
  • This is desirable to increase the productivity of engineers and designers by automating part of the design process, such as the production of details or

The development of exact customer modifications to basic generic designs

  • It is essential to respond quickly to customer orders to maintain business.
  • Manufacturing, assembly, machining, or other production requirements have a major impact on the design.
  • There is considerable iteration in the design process because of manufacturing engineering review, and comment on designs.
  • Manufacturing, machining, or assembly is to be performed by automated machinery, numerically controlled tools or robots.
  • Production scheduling, procurement of materials or components, group technology, or reduction of work-in-process inventories are significant considerations.
  • Competitive factors make it essential to reduce the engineering and production lead-time in the development and introduction of latest or modified products.

This unit explains expert systems technology, elements of this system, knowledge representation, and knowledge based module. The unit discusses also how expert systems can give higher levels of expertise and knowledge to engineers and designers. The accessibility of specialized knowledge permits them to make sound design decisions, hence improving design quality and reducing design item.

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