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Motivation and Morale:

These two expressions are not synonymous or interchangeable. But the fact remains which a motivated group of workers generally has a high degree of morale. Morale is a composite attitude of several individuals employed through a company. It is generated through the group and might be considered as a by-product of the group. That is not an average of individual attitudes. Morale has been described in a number of ways. It could be seen as "an attitude of satisfaction, along with a desire to continue in, and willingness to strive for, the target of a particular group or organisation". It has also been define as "the possession of feeling of being accepted through and the belonging to a group of employees through adherence to a general goal and confidence in the desirability of these goals". Put simply, morale is a group concept, although motivation is hugely an individual concept. Morale is the summation of feeling of employees as a group towards several aspects of their work job, the company, working conditions, fellow workers, and supervisors and so on. If an attitude of employees towards all these aspects is more positive than negative, the morale of the group could be said to be high, or else it is low.

Studies show that high morale between workers may not be an indication of high productivity. Higher morale of union members might enable them to continue to strike and fight out the issue.

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