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Communicating Effectively:

In sequence to make your inter-personal communication more effective, you should remain in mind the following points:

Use direct, simple language and prevent words which can have ambiguous meanings.

Use face-to-face communication: Face-to-face communication permits more accurate feedback to be achieved by two-way communication. Commonly speaking, people express themselves more freely although talking rather than through writing. Face-to-face communication permits a manager to use and understand the non-verbal signs also.

Use feedback:  Feedback enables us to judge while or not the ideas have been received in the manner as they were originally intended. Most often it is supposed which communication has taken place once a note has been circulated or put on the notice board. You must devise ways to separate fact from distortion.

Listen with understanding: The biggest block to communication is said to be the inability to listen to the other person intelligently, understandingly and skillfully. We tend to confuse listening along with hearing. Real communication takes place while the listener truly understands the position and intent of the speaker. In sequence to be a successful manager, you must develop your listening ability. You must try to know the factual and emotional content of the message without making any attempt at criticizing, approving or disapproving it until after you have fully heard and understood the remarks. The empathetic listening, vastly improves the understanding of both the parties that bringing in its wake improved inter-personal relationship in the organisation.

Commandments of Good Communication Create constructive environment
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